It’s virtually possible


New Carrollton student Isabella Labrador ’24 and lifer Kaitlin Johnson ’24

Isabella Labrador

Imagine coming in as a freshman, to a new high school with all new people, some of whom, after 3 weeks of school, you’ve never met.

As a new student to Carrollton and a freshman, it is a bit challenging to adapt to the new surroundings and become familiar with the people around you. Although COVID-19 has created many obstacles for everyone, Carrollton made me feel welcome with open arms. This year there are 17 new freshmen at Carrollton out of a total number of 81 freshmen students.

“The most challenging thing is making friends, since at the beginning, we only got to see people virtually, then on a hybrid day, we only saw people from our team, and now even with most everyone back, the masks and social distancing make it difficult to get to know people,” wrote Natalie Romero ‘24. She continued, “Several girls reached out at the beginning of the school year – I really appreciate their kindness toward me.”

This school year is different from every other with unique challenges everyday, but as a Sacred Heart School, we know that with a positive mindset and an active faith in God we will get through the difficult times together. It is not only virtually possible it is a virtual reality.