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Martina Santos 26 (left) hosts Nieves Gomez as an exchange student from Madrid.
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May 27, 2024

Better late than never


The Upper School celebrated Prize Day virtually for the first time in school history. 

Last year, Carrollton was shut down abruptly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After a long three months of virtual learning, Carrollton decided to push Prize Day back to the fall as everything was in flux.

On Wednesday, September 2, Upper School Head, Mrs. Feerick-Hillenbrand opened Prize Day through a Zoom webinar. Teachers and students were gathered together virtually, where students were recognized for their hard work during the 2019-2020 academic year. No gifts were physically handed out, so the event went fairly quickly.

Upper School Math teacher, Ms. Spillane wrote, “I was sad that I couldn’t congratulate my students in person. These awards mean a lot to my students and I wanted to be able to tell them in person how proud I was of the work they put in this past year and how far they had come. Still, I think Prize Day went extremely well! Carrollton has done a great job transitioning into a reality of virtual school. The teachers spoke clearly and the stream was smooth. It was enjoyable to watch it all from the comfort of my desk chair!”

Isabella Oliva ‘23 wrote, “Obviously, it was weird being congratulated virtually with my classmates, and it will never be the same as in person. But, under the circumstances we are in, I understand that this was the best way possible to keep everyone safe. We have to adjust to the new normal and I commend Carrollton and all the teachers for transitioning and putting on such a great Prize Day.”

The Upper School Awards are as follows:

Le Grand Concours

Honorable Mentions


Level 1: 

Angeliki Ktoridi

Isabella Cruz

Paulina Suarez


Level 3:

Geraldine Pulido

Isabella Oliva

Nicolette DiMare

Paloma Aristizabal


Level 4: 

Luna Aristizabal

Paolina Salas


Level 5:

Andreanna Perez

Arianna Diaz

Mary Kate Bellon

Lucia Robledo


Bronze Medal

Level 1: 

Annia Casanova Albarran

Zoya Duarte Garcia

Michelle Flores


Level 2: 

Maria Arana

Chérie Laroche

Sophia Sondon


Level 4: 

Alexa Amayo

Finley Moss

Madeline Leaño


Level 5:

Pia Cortes Guerrero

Valeria Rizo Patron


Silver Medal

Level 1:

Camilla Mallo

Mia Gonzalez del Valle


Level 3:

Sofia Erana

Alexandra Faus

Kiana Perez


Level 4: 

Isabella Delionado


Gold Medal

Level 5: 

Victoria Trap 


University of Rochester – Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award

Natalia Ruan 


University of Rochester – George Eastman Young Leaders Award

Gabriella Hellams 


University of Rochester – Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award

Carolina Pino 


Univ. of Rochester – Xerox Award for Innovation & Information Technology

Lourdes Mendoza 


Rensselaer Medal

Paulina Boudet 


Brown University Book Award

Alexandra Espino 


George Washington University Book Award

Mia Quintana


Harvard University Book Award

Ana Colitto 


Northwestern University Book Award

Saidy Burch 


Princeton University Service Award

Mairead Gatcliffe 


Saint Michael’s College Book Award

Anais Leichtling and Jacqueline Reed


Tulane University Book Award

Sarah Siman 


Williams College Book Award

Natalia Solano 


Award for Scholarship in Dance

IB Dance I HL: Mairead Gatcliffe

IB Dance I SL: Claudia Travieso

Dance: Kailyn Althage


Award for Achievement in Dance

IB Dance I SL: Isabella Villa

Dance: Isabella Cruz


Award for Scholarship in Drama and Theater

IB Theatre Arts I SL: Gabriella Garcia-Urbay

IB Theatre Arts I HL: Alexandra Espino

Introduction to Drama: Alexandra Azan

Drama I: Isabella Hassun


Award for Achievement in Drama and Theater

Introduction to Drama: Simone Kingcade


Award for Scholarship in Music

Intro to Music: Nova Brown

Composing Music: Andrea Knoepffler

Vocal Studies: Torivia Castro


Award for Achievement in Music

Intro to Music: Soleil Miller

Composing Music: Alexandra Pupo

IB Music HL I: Ana Llaneza

Instrumental Studies: Torivia Castro


Award for Scholarship in Visual Arts

Drawing and painting 1: Michelle Flores 

Photography: Nina Sarria 

IB Visual Arts HL I: Maria Jose Gonzalez

IB Visual Arts SL I: Isabella Vasquez 

Intro to Graphic Design: Penelope James 

Drawing and Painting II: Nina Brunet

Introduction to Visual Art: Geraldine Pulido


Award for Achievement in Visual Arts

Drawing and painting 1: Alexandra De Angulo 

Photography: Daniela Gomez 

IB Visual Arts HL I: Saidy Burch 

IB Visual Arts SL I: Cecilia Mestre

Intro to Graphic Design: Maria Arana 

Drawing and Painting II: Victoria Quimper 

Introduction to Visual Art: Elena Diaz


Award for Scholarship in English

Honors Composition World Lit (9): Valentina Perricone

Honors British Literature (10): Nina Sarria

IB Literature I HL (11): Alexandra Espino


Award for Achievement in English

Honors Composition World Lit (9): Juliana Azan and Natalia Freyre

Honors British Literature (10): Sophia Pico and Camila Suarez

IB Literature I HL (11): Carolina Elgarresta


Award for Scholarship in History

Honors Modern World History: Alexandra Azan

Honors U.S. History: Paula Isaza

AP U.S. History: Shannon Feerick-Hillenbrand

IB History of the Americas I-HL: Paulina Boudet

IB 20th Century History HL: Caroline Culmo

AT American Federalism: Claudia Taracido

IB Psychology II SL: Ariana Arvanitis

Introduction to Debate: Valeria Alejandra Cavalieri

Intermediate Debate: Shannon Feerick-Hillenbrand


Award for Achievement in History

Honors Modern World History: Michelle Flores

Honors U.S. History: Makayla Glenn

AP U.S. History: Mia Carolina Fernandez de Castro

IB History of the Americas I-HL: Cecilia Izquierdo

Introduction to Debate: Isabella Fernandez

Intermediate Debate: Isabel Alia-Arias


Award for Scholarship in the World Languages

French I: Mia Gonzales del Valle

French II: Cherie Laroche

Honors French III: Kiana Perez

Honors French IV: Bettina Baptista

AP French Language Culture: Isabella Delionado

AT French Contemporary Culture and Communication (Honors): Victoria Trap

IB French B SL I: Elisa Baptista

IB French B HL I: Valeria Rizo-Patron


Award for Scholarship in Spanish

Spanish II: Elly Molina

Honors Spanish III: Sofie Mortensen

Honors Spanish IV: Cristina Albornoz

AP Spanish Language: Culture Ana Cruz

AP Spanish Literature: Culture Camille Deschapelles

AT Spanish Contemporary Culture Communication (Honors): 1 Isabella Mestre

IB Spanish SL I: Sarah Simon

IB Spanish HL I: Mia Quintana

IB Spanish A – HL I Language Literature: Paulina Boudet


Award for Scholarship in Mandarin

Mandarin I: Valeria Cavalieri

Honors Mandarin III: Andrea Knoepffler

Honors Mandarin IV: Abigail Meiser

Honors Mandarin V: Emma Beharry

IB Mandarin SL I: Sophia Talamas


Award for Achievement World Languages


Award for Achievement in French

French I: Michelle Flores

French II: Sophia Sondon

Honors French III: Isabella Oliva

Honors French IV: Paolina Salas

AP French Language: Culture Madeline Leaño

AT French Contemporary Culture and Communication (Honors): Pia Cortes Guerrero

IB French B SL I: Francesca Suarez

IB French B HL I: Andrea Pulido


Award for Achievement in Spanish

Spanish II: Grace Hernandez

Honors Spanish III: Brielle Bales

Honors Spanish IV: Amanda Elgarresta

AP Spanish Language Culture: Eleanor Harrison

AP Spanish Literature Culture: Madison Forrest

AT Spanish Contemporary Culture Communication (Honors): 1 Olivia Recio

IB Spanish SL I: Christina Volpe

IB Spanish HL I: Hannah Casey

IB Spanish A – HL I Language Literature: Mariana Gianulis


Award for Achievement in Mandarin

Mandarin I: Rebecca Rodriguez

Honors Mandarin III: Cecilia Swain

Honors Mandarin IV: Kiana Perez

Honors Mandarin V: Valentina Mayo

IB Mandarin SL I: Carolina Swain


Award for Scholarship in Mathematics

Geometry: Elena Diaz

Honors Geometry: Mariana Matos

Algebra II: Claudia Travieso

Honors Algebra II: Mia Fernandez de Castro

Honors Analysis of Functions: Emma Beharry

AT Math Analysis: Claudia Taracido

AT The Calculus of Polynomials: Shannon Feerick-Hillenbrand

IB Math: Applications and Interpretation I SL: Isabella Alfonso

IB Math: Analysis and Approaches I SL: Angelina Luaces

IB Calculus I SL: Mia Quintana


Award for Achievement in Mathematics

Geometry: Annabella Garcia

Honors Geometry: Maria Isabel Jouvin

Algebra I: Kennedy James

Algebra II: Isabella McCartney

Honors Algebra II: Sophia Sondon

Honors Analysis of Functions: Victoria Estefani

IB Math: Applications and Interpretation I SL: Ana Victoria Llaneza

IB Math: Analysis and Approaches I SL: Mary Kate Bellon

IB Calculus I SL: Christina Volpe


Award for Scholarship in Religion

Catholic Sacred Scripture-Berlinghof: Camille Deschapelles

Introduction to Catholicism-Andreu: Valentina Gomez

Morality/TOK-Vigoa: Alexandra Espino

Morality/TOK-de Armas: Andreanna Perez


Award for Achievement in Religion

Catholic Sacred Scripture-Berlinghof: Emily Lawrence

Introduction to Catholicism-Andreu: Ana Cruz

Morality/TOK-Vigoa: Kiley Marandino

Morality/TOK-de Armas: Isabella Soto


Award for Scholarship in Robotics, Engineering and Computer Science

Honors Accelerated Design Technology: Emma Beharry

IB Design Technology I SL: Paulina (Nina) Boudet

IB Design Technology I HL: Jaqueline Reed

Engineering: CAD: Bettina Baptista

Engineering: Intro to Mechanical Electrical: Isabella Mestre

IB Computer Science I SL (Juniors): Alejandra Freyre

AP Computer Science Principles (Sophomores): Abigail Meiser

Game Design (Freshmen and Sophomores): Sofia Oliva

Intro to Biomechanics: Mia Fernandez de Castro


Award for Achievement in Robotics, Engineering and Computer Science

IB Computer Science I SL: Mia Quintana

Game Design: Natalia Freyre


Award for Scholarship in Science

Biology: Elena Diaz

Honors Biology: Natalia Leach

Chemistry: Paula Isaza

Honors Chemistry: Camille Deschapelles

Honors Accelerated Chemistry: Victoria Trap

Modeling Physics: Claudia Taracido

IB Biology I HL: Natalia Ruan

IB Biology I SL: Maria Alexandra Penso

IB Chemistry SL: Mia Quintana

IB Chemistry I SL: Madison Roberts

IB Physics I SL: Daniella Tirse

IB Marine Science I SL: Maria Jose Gonzalez


Award for Achievement in Science

Biology: Annia Casanova

Honors Biology: Geraldine Pulido

Chemistry: Makayla Glenn and Natalia Ballestas

Honors Accelerated Chemistry: Bettina Legorburu

Modeling Physics: Sabina Consuegra

IB Biology I HL: Gabriella Gonzalez

IB Biology I SL: Camilla Fiorenza

IB Chemistry SL: Sophia Talamas

IB Physics I SL: Mariana Gianulis

IB Marine Science I SL: Mikaela Leyva and Valeria Fernandez

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