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The Beat

One year later



It has now been over 1 year since COVID changed our lives. On March 13, 2020 Carrollton closed for the rest of the school year. We were instructed to quarantine and to only leave our homes when necessary, to wear masks and social distance. 

Restaurants shuttered, groceries were ordered online, masks and even toilet paper were hard to get even on Amazon.

Head Master Kalkus formed a medical team made up of doctors who worked throughout the summer to design a plan for Carrollton’s reopening in August.

“Our protocols and procedures, established with guidance from our medical team, are necessary in order to keep everyone in our community as safe as possible. Our behavior is not only about personal choice, but as a School of the Sacred Heart, we are called to care for and about others,” wrote Mr. Kalkus.

We began the 2020-2021 school year in hybrid mode and cohorts were created. We later went on to full on-campus learning, still offering the option of remote learning. It was quite an experience for both teachers and students as they embarked on a new school year, very different from the ones before.

Upper School English teacher Mr. Alkon wrote, “I find that teaching online can be lonely. When I am with my students in the classroom, I feel more sure that we are working together, reading and talking and learning and sharing a common experience.” Everyone in the community would agree that there is nothing better than in-person learning but Carrollton has made the best of it. “The Carrollton community has continued to demonstrate its fortitude and grit. We have weathered a lot of change in a short amount of time. We are looking to meet the needs of those in our community better than we did before,” wrote Mrs. Kreh Upper School science teacher.

As we grieve for those we lost due to COVID-19 and face challenges every day, we have learned to be more prayerful and grateful for what we do have. 

Ms. Montero, Upper School counselor wrote, “I am constantly amazed by how resilient this community is. The students constantly remind me to find joy no matter what circumstances we face. I think we have grown in grace, compassion, and courage….”

Grace Gutierrez’ 24 summed up the experience well. She wrote, “It has changed me because, after everything has changed, it taught me that everyday is a gift and not to take it for granted. 

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