The Beat

The Beat


Our Mission:

The mission of our student-run newspaper is to educate, inspire, and amplify the voices of the Carrollton community. As an invaluable educational tool, The Beat will provide a forum for students to express diverse ideas, take risks, and engage with compelling and difficult issues. Students will practice good citizenship by thoroughly investigating topics, fairly representing different perspectives, and striving to honestly report accurate information. As our name suggests, The Beat will seek to be the voice of the heart of our school, and yet we recognize that this “heart” contains many voices. As such, before publishing our community’s stories, we will practice listening to others with empathy and curiosity, and courageously and steadfastly pursuing the truth.

Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria:

The mission of The Beat aligns with the broader Goals and Criteria for the Sacred Heart Schools. We seek to:

  • encourage a “personal and active faith in God” by drawing inspiration from the spiritual context in which our newspaper exists (Goal I) 
  • foster “a deep respect for intellectual values” by researching, writing, and designing our website (Goal II)
  • practice “a social awareness which impels to action” by amplifying diverse voices, raising awareness of issues, and situating Upper School stories within a broader, global context (Goal III)
  • help “[build] our community as a Christian value” by recognizing and valuing all members of our community and providing an opportunity to learn about and from one another (Goal IV)
  • experience “personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom” by providing students with opportunities to lead and take accountability for their work and actions (Goal V).