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An economic force
Alejandra Mato

In the dynamic and ever-changing world of music, Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour is not just a highly popular and celebrated concert, but also a boon for cities fortunate enough to host these admired and highly sought after concerts. 

Beyond the lyrics and choreography, The Eras Tour has proven to be a significant economic force, driving life into local economies and providing a harmonious blend of business and culture.

When The Eras Tour rolls into town, it brings more than just music to the local community. According to a study by the Event Industry Council, large-scale music events, such as The Eras Tour, contribute an average of $1.85 billion annually to local economies in the United States alone. 

Having the power to turn a city into a musical destination, Swift’s tour attracts fans from all over, not just those local to that area. A report from Focus Economics highlights that music tourism is on the rise, with an estimated 23% increase in spending by “music tourists” globally. The Eras Tour’s ability to draw in audiences contributes significantly to this upward trend. 

Carrollton Senior Evana Arvanitis ‘24 traveled from Miami to New York City just to watch Taylor’s coveted performance. “I have heard a ton about the Eras Tour. It has been very present on social media since Taylor announced it, and became even more present after it began. I attended the second night of the show in New Jersey at the MetLife Stadium in May, and it was so much fun. I had a great time. I think it has become so popular because of the large variety of songs that Taylor sings and the incredible experience and memories that the show creates. There is something for everyone and she gives a great performance”.

Behind the scenes, The Eras Tour requires a small army of professionals to ensure its operation including dancers, directors, sound engineers, stage managers, directors, and many more. 

According to a study conducted by Oxford Economics, large-scale events, including concert tours, support a diverse range of jobs. On average, for every $1 million spent on event production, approximately 93 jobs are created within the local community. The Eras Tour has spent over $20 million.

Overall, The Eras Tour is a vibrant economic force that revitalizes the cities it visits in addition to being a musical extravaganza. The Eras Tour is not only a musical journey through time but also a catalyst for growth and prosperity in local economies, as the statistics clearly demonstrate the substantial economic impact.

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