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Senior shoutout

A goodbye to Carrollton’s varsity soccer seniors
Varsity soccer seniors pose together after their senior game.

As the season comes to a close, the Carrollton soccer team recognizes the commitment and dedication that the graduating senior class has brought to the team. Throughout their high school careers, these girls have committed time and effort that has not gone unnoticed. From their leadership positions as they mentor younger players, to their wonderful attitudes about everything soccer related, the girls have truly impacted every player on the team. 

Camilla Tundidor ’24, Carola Cobo-Aguirre ’24, Mia Rodriguez ’24, Cecilia Lopez-Gottardi ’24, Francesca Luna ’24, and Catalina Quimper ’24 have left a mark on the Carrollton soccer program. 

Camilla Tundidor, #17

Tundidor, soccer team captain, entered Carrollton in seventh grade. She became a part of the Carrollton soccer program that same year and was dedicated to the team. Tundidor started soccer around the same time she learned to walk and, as she continued to play, grew to love it. 

As a holding mid or “six,” Tundidor kept the team together–physically and emotionally. Tundidor used her intelligence to read every play and was known for her accurate through balls and her determination to fight for every 50/50 ball. 

Tundidor served as a leader on the team from the time she joined. From always hyping everyone up, to providing support whenever it was needed, Tundidor was an example for everyone. Tundidor served as the first-ever junior captain–a position usually reserved for seniors. 

This year, Tundidor represented the team again as captain. She had an amazing senior year and demonstrated her wonderful character in her last year on the soccer team. Her time will always be appreciated and recognized.

“Knowing her from before, Camilla is someone I really look up to, and the team really will not be the same without her,” said Daniela Eljaiek ‘26, “winger.”

Mia Rodriguez, #13

Rodriguez, another captain of the Carrollton soccer team, also contributed greatly during her time in the program. Her kindness and loving nature brought “good vibes” to every practice and game. 

Rodriguez has been a defender since her early soccer days. She started soccer at around the age of five and joined the team at Carrollton in sixth grade.

She was a selfless, hardworking player, who showed up even in difficult moments. At the end of her sophomore season, Rodriguez suffered a hit on the head and ended up sitting out her entire junior year with a concussion. Still, she would come to every practice and game with a smile on her face, encouraging the team. 

Rodriguez was the starting center-back who saved the season with her amazing defensive skills and powerful clears. Her senior year demonstrated the type of person Rodriguez is. Despite the fact that she was not able to play last season, Rodriguez stepped up. She worked hard for herself and the team and always performed her best. 

“Rodriguez is kind and encouraging to players on and off the field and always has an amazing attitude,” said Paula Bracamontes 27’, Rodriguez’s co-defender. “She is the perfect person to bring the energy up and the team relies on her motivational words.” 

Cecilia, “Ceci,” Lopez-Gottardi,#20

Lopez-Gottardi played competitive soccer growing up and later transitioned into school soccer. She played Carrollton soccer all throughout high school and middle school and improved significantly. “Ceci” is known for her humor and her kind demeanor. She was cheerful and optimistic in every position she played. 

As a striker, Lopez-Gottardi collaborated and communicated with her teammates effectively and will be remembered for her powerful and accurate penalty shots.

Her joyful presence on and off the field united the team. Lopez-Gottardi was always easy to talk to. Whether she was giving good advice, or just just listening, she was always willing to help. 

“When I [got] to practice, I look[ed] around for Ceci because I [knew] I [was] going to laugh and have fun if she [was] there,” said Ana Salcedo ‘26, Carrollton’s new goalie. “Being new to the soccer team, I have truly seen how fun and uplifting it is to be around her.” 

Catalina, “Cata,” Quimper, #11

Quimper entered Carrollton in ninth grade and, although she was only here for four years, she truly left an impact. “Cata” is known for her amazing soccer skills as well as her humor and funny, sarcastic remarks. 

During her time at Carrollton, Quimper worked extremely hard. She showed up to practice and games with enthusiasm, positivity, and grit. She even came early to every practice and stayed late to shoot on her own. Quimper was a determined player, who strived to accomplish everything she set her mind on. She also managed to balance sports and school and excel at both. 

Quimper was an inspiration and kind mentor to everyone on the team and served as a role model. She often included other players in drills and always celebrated others’ goals. She may have been competitive and aggressive with the ball, but always ended the game with a smile on her face. 

This year, Quimper finished the season with 19 incredible goals, but it is her kind spirit that will always be remembered.

“I really look up to Cata as a player, and I admire her determination for her sport,” said Natalia Zurbaran ‘26, “winger.” “I love the way she always goes 100% in practice and inspires me to do the same.”

Francesca Luna, #7

Luna, another team captain, was strong both mentally and physically. “Franche” was a leader on the team. She played soccer since she was young and participated in Carrollton soccer since middle school. 

This season, Luna usually played in the middle. Her accurate passes and eagerness to score made a difference in many games. “Franche” gave it her all during every game and even in practice.  She was a kind and generous player on the field, who was willing to help anyone and work toward the overall betterment of the team. 

Luna tore her ACL freshman year and was not able to play for a season; however, even though she did not participate on the field, Luna demonstrated her commitment by continuing to show up. 

She welcomed newcomers and gave advice to anyone who needed it. Her smile and positive mindset was felt across the entire team and made a huge difference this season. 

When asked what she loved most about “Franche,” Natalie McMillan ‘25, fullback, said, “All of the above, everything.” With a big smile on her face, she continued, “Franche is an amazing listener and always knows the right thing to say to make you feel better.”

Carola Cobo-Aguirre, #14

Cobo-Aguirre has played on the Carrollton soccer team ever since she was in seventh grade. 

Her enthusiasm on and off the field connected the team and made the environment joyful. Cobo-Aguirre always found a way to make practice fun while also working hard and pushing others to do their best. In addition to her humor and understanding, Cobo-Aguirre was a fighter on the field who made nine goals this season. She scored the first goal against Carrollton’s rivals, Ransom, and was awarded “Player of the Game,” that same day. 

Cobo-Aguirre was moved from position to position many times, from right-back at the beginning of the year, to “winger,” to striker “nine.” But instead of being afraid, she did her best and embraced these changes. 

She taught the team to never give up and to always continue to grow and learn. She made drills more enjoyable every practice with her sarcastic jokes to the coaches. Cobo-Aguirre will always be known for being a special person and the team will be very quiet without her in the years to come. 

“She is known as the girl who can make someone smile even on a bad day. [She] always has the biggest, most contagious smile on her face,” said Maria Stanham ‘26, fullback.


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