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Martina Santos 26 (left) hosts Nieves Gomez as an exchange student from Madrid.
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May 27, 2024

Faith at Home


Infectious disease has long been a part of the Society’s history, from Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne and her companions’ experience with Yellow Fever and other diseases in the New World in the 1800s, through the Spanish Flu and now COVID-19. Throughout it all, confidence in the love and comfort of the Heart of Jesus has and will continue to sustain us.” – Society of the Sacred Heart

Goal I, “a personal and active faith in God,” is a cornerstone of our Sacred Heart community. We practice Espacio and attend masses, but because of the quarantine the way we used to celebrate our faith together as a community has changed. Now, more than ever, an active faith in God and a prayerful life are important.

Father Vallee has blessed us with messages on the Carrollton website, helping us focus on our faith during this time. He has posted videos praying the Stations of the Cross, enjoying the outdoors, and has provided us with meditations to do with our families. Along with these videos there are others, like Icons, which features Carrollton’s own icons in their natural setting on campus, as an aid to prayer.

Although Easter could not be observed the way we normally would, Father Valle celebrated a beautiful online Mass for the community. The Montessori and Primary Schools focused on learning and saying the Rosary, and then celebrated a virtual May Crowning Day. The Feast of St. Madeleine Sophie was celebrated with a Mass, as it is every year, and it is the final Mass the seniors attend until their graduation Mass. This year, however, the school attended virtually with Fr. Vallee presiding from the Convocation Center.

Campus Ministry has inspired us during this challenging time by posting prayer videos, called Prayer Pause, on its Instagram page. Prayer Breaks, that used to take place in the Convocation Center, are now shared via email. Music Ministry Monday features inspirational songs.

“A strong faith in God is very important to keep because even when we may feel alone, especially during this time, we need to remember God is always there for us. I think it is very important that we continued prayer breaks throughout the quarantine because it has given us a way to come together and help keep our faith in God strong,” writes Dibe Di Gregorio ‘20, General Coordinator of Campus Ministry.

Through his thoughtful letters to the community, Head Master Kalkus continues to provide us with inspirational messages of hope, faith, love and prayer. He writes, “We are a community of One Heart in Jesus that will face these challenges together with hope for our school family and gratitude for the support we can lend each other.”

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