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May 27, 2024

Hope for the New Year



“May each one of us make sure that [2021] be for everyone a year of fraternal solidarity and peace, a year filled with expectant trust and hope, which we entrust to the heavenly protection of Mary, Mother of God and our Mother,” said Pope Francis, in his Angelus address on the Solemnity of the Mary, on January 1st.

As a Sacred Heart family, we are brought together in our hope for the new year. On the first day of the new year, Christians celebrate the Feast of the Solemnity of the Mother of God.  She inspires us to “make all things new,” just as Jesus does.

In fact, depictions of Mary based on the original Mater Admirabilis painting by Pauline Perdreau are prominently featured in Sacred Heart schools across the world. A symbol of our Sacred Heart family, it captures the hearts of all, and welcomes us home. 

While 2020 was a challenging year for all, keeping faith, hope, and love for 2021 is the key to a successful year. Several Upper School students shared their hopes for the New Year. 

“In 2021, I am hopeful for everyone to come together, despite the different beliefs, cultures, and opinions of our time. Fortunately, with the pandemic this year, it has shown me that we must work together and protect each other, which I hope will only grow in 2021,” wrote Elly Molina ‘23.

Francesca Suarez ‘21 wrote, “This new year, I am most hopeful for the ability to return to life as normal as possible, especially being able to share more moments with family and friends.”

 “I am hopeful that this year is not as chaotic, there’s not as much division, and there’s more love,” wrote Madison Forrest ‘22.

Gabriela Paredes ‘21 wrote, “I am most hopeful for wrapping up my senior year and hopefully being able to have an in-person graduation with my classmates.”

“I am most hopeful that we all live the new year with a positive mindset. I pray for the end of this pandemic and having a strong faith in God is the first step to making it there,” wrote Isabella Labrador ‘24.


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