Is this really happening?


Roma Alfonso

Carrollton School has gone virtual due to COVID-19.

The COVID-19 outbreak has led many schools, including Carrollton, to shut down and proceed virtually. Carrollton is practicing “social distancing” which can help decrease the spread of Coronavirus.

Virtual school is essentially regular school with the same schedule and classes but conducted remotely. Carrollton is using the applications, Google Hangouts and Zoom which enable teachers and students to meet face to face but through their computer screens. The technology department identified these as Carrollton’s best options and it seems to be working well for most. Daniella Milton 23’ wrote, “Virtual school is fine, it is new and we all have to just get used to it and it is a little less stressful.” 


Perhaps the most challenging part of virtual school for students isn’t the learning – it’s direct social interaction. “I miss my friends so much. I FaceTime with them at lunch everyday but it is just not the same. I miss seeing them and laughing with them,” said Bella Alfonso 21’. After one week of online school, students have realized how much they miss school, even though they complain about it when they are there. Most students would probably agree that there is a newfound appreciation for being in school and seeing teachers and classmates everyday.