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Elly’s Tips for a Productive Day: LOCKERS


Lockers are a HUGE part of highschool although last year, we were unable to use them in order to prevent overcrowding in the hallways and maintain social distancing.  This year, lockers are back and are being used for what they’re designed for – holding books, supplies, lunch, snacks, sweatshirts, etc. 

But keep in mind, your locker is not a trash can, nor a dumping ground for all your stuff. Throwing things in your locker throughout the day can lead to damaged books, foul odors and even bugs in your locker which is a poor reflection on you…..Next time you’re in a rush, think about the abominable smell that can be unleashed across the hall, because of YOUR locker 

Be sure to take advantage of how much your locker can help you stay organized. Here are some tips! 

  • Start from scratch. Clean out your locker and get rid of anything you don’t need, including any trash, crumpled papers, and especially an old lunchbox you threw in your locker
  • Clean the inside of your locker with a cleaner and paper towel.
  • Before you put the items back into your locker, group them together so it’ll be easier for you to find them. Keep books with books, notebooks with notebooks, supplies with supplies, etc.
  • Make it yours! Your locker is YOUR locker. Feel free to get creative with it. Decorate it with stickers, dry erase boards, a motivational quote…. Whatever speaks to you- it is your space. 
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