Elly’s Tips for a Productive School Year: Treasuring friendships that will last a lifetime


Elly Molina


As women of the Sacred Heart, we are constantly forming bonds with our classmates and teachers. It goes without saying that these friendships can positively influence our lives in many ways. Transferring from Lourdes mid year, Ellica Quintero ‘24 said, “Whereas students from other schools may see their classmates as acquaintances, or casual friends, Carrollton Upper School students rely on and confide in each other to a much greater degree.”

As a new student, Mia Bergera ‘24 said she went into freshman year with many fears and expectations, but quickly recognized that her fellow students made her feel at home. Having kind and trustworthy classmates in all upper school grades is important for making members of our community feel accepted. Lexi Molina ‘22 shared, “I know that I could get advice from girls younger and older than me without feeling judged for having questions.”

Carrollton promotes communication, kindness, and respect throughout the Upper School, which is the reason students from 9th grade to 12th can speak openly about their worries, fears, and accomplishments.