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Happy Valentines Day!
Happy Valentine's Day!
February 14, 2024
Super Bowl LVIII
Super Bowl LVIII
February 9, 2024

Dogs fill in for therapists during COVID-19



“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” – Josh Billings 

As COVID-19  altered the routines of millions, adults who work and kids engaged in virtual learning turned to their pets for comfort while they were stuck at home. There were many people who suffered from anxiety, depression, and stress, but were unable to attend regular therapy sessions due to safety protocols. 

Specifically, dogs bring many health benefits to their owners – such as being mood boosters to those who are struggling. They relieve depression and anxiety, lower stress levels, and bring a smile to our faces everyday. In the beginning of the lockdown, Chloe Kujawa ‘23 added a new fury member to her family, a King Charles Cavalier named Maui. Chloe said, “Maui brought a fresh, uplifting spirit into my house, which was needed after my family and I struggled to remain positive during quarantine.”

Dogs are like a loyal human friend, as demonstrated by their ability to look their owners into the eye and gauge their emotional state. During COVID-19, those who struggled to find motivation to exercise or stay active have found that their dogs are the best way to encourage exercise in their daily routines. They are friends to people of all ages, sizes, and personalities and are a perfect companion to you, and you alone, which makes the bond you share so unique. 
Fox News reported around 17,930 pet adoptions during the month of March 2020, with the adoption rate in the United States increasing 11 percent from the year before. Don’t forget that even though you got a dog to keep you company during the quarantine and were together 24/7, when you return to work, your dear companion might just miss his/her human – make sure to show them some extra love.

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