Cyclone to CNN

Cyclone to CNN

Sofia Barrera

Daniella Mora ‘16, who began her career at CNN during the 2020 election is now producing guest segments for The Lead with Jake Tapper. Mora made it apparent she loves her job.

After graduating from Carrollton in 2016, Daniella went to the University of Florida, where she earned a Bachelors in Science Telecommunication News and a Bachelors in Arts of Political Science. After graduating in 2020, she moved to Washington D.C and began working as a news associate during the heated presidential election. Daniella admitted that this was a challenging time due to COVID-19, but says election season has been one of her favorite experiences as a journalist so far. “For a political nerd like myself, that’s like the Super Bowl.” Mora assisted CNN’S debate and election day coverage. She called the 2020 election a “marathon election” because it took several days to predict the winner. Along with the presidential election, she also helped cover the special elections in New York City. Daniella did not hesitate to demonstrate her love for election season, she even said, “Elections are my cup of tea.” 

Way before Daniella’s career took off, she was a Carrollton student eating frosted pink cupcakes. She said her time at Carrollton taught her that she is part of a bigger network of strong women. “At Carrollton, I learned to be confident, but not in a cocky way. I learned that I have an opinion, my opinion matters, and I’m here for a reason.” 

Daniella recognized the importance of journalism, both as a skill and as a profession. “Writing is an important skill no matter what you do,” Daniella decided to take journalism in the 10th grade which sparked her interest in the field. “Journalism is the most rewarding job you could go into.” Whether she discussed covering intense American politics or feel-good stories, she made it clear that she was impassioned by the power of storytelling. “Going into journalism was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.”