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May 27, 2024

Safety in Style[s]


On October 8, I attended my first concert since COVID and it was truly unforgettable.

Harry Styles, a king among teens’ favorite stars for his fashion and musical talent, has officially begun his tour. 

It has been two years since Styles released his second album, Fine Line. Styles was set to go on a world tour in June 2020, but due to COVID, had to postpone the concerts. This June, the HSHQ, or Harry Styles Headquarters, announced that “Love on Tour” was making a comeback – but with COVID protocols in place. All concert-goers either had to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. 

Finally, the day of the concert came. I had been seeing videos all over social media discussing how many believed this would be one of the best concerts they had ever been to. These concerts have been a fashion show for some of the best outfits full of bright colors and fun accessories. A lot of people have even tried to replicate many of Style’s iconic outfits or incorporate symbols relating to certain songs in their outfits – like fruits! 

Upon arriving at the BB&T Center, all concert attendees were required to wear a mask. Styles’ staff was very strict in meticulously checking for vaccination cards and negative COVID tests. Although waiting in line was a bit tedious, I felt safe when entering the arena.  

The concert itself felt like one big, yet safe, party! When Styles’ stepped out onto the stage his energy was “Golden” – no pun intended as it was his first song he played. Throughout the hour and a half concert, I was fully entertained as Styles was true to form and engaged the audience. He invited the audience to, “sing and dance and be whoever you want to be in the room tonight,” to join him in singing happy birthday to an audience member,  and closed by thanking his staff, band, and all his fans. 

Carrollton students and attendees of the concert, Marissa Rodriguez and Drue Diaz ‘23, waited a total of 15 hours for a good space in the pit of the concert, right next to the stage. Waking up at 3:00 a.m. the day of the concert, Marissa and Drue arrived at the BB&T center just to be greeted with a line that wrapped around the building. After sitting in line for several hours and enduring the Miami rain and heat, they finally made their way to the barricade. Despite everything, the two agreed that they would do it all over again to see their favorite artist and their videos are proof. 




[videopress 1HJLyY76]

[videopress Sk7xzglQ]

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Daniella Milton, Editor in Chief
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