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May 27, 2024

Nailed It!

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Teens are using their nails to express their creativity with unique nail designs – especially at Carrollton. 

Nail art has made a comeback with decorative and unique designs for all. For several years, simplicity and single-color nails have been in-style. However, when COVID-19 came and nail salons closed their doors, quarantine provided time for many people to get inspired by the many creative designs out there and start perfecting the art of doing their own nails. 

In April of 2020, the hashtag, “quarantine nails” took off and now has more than 94,000 images posted to Instagram. One popular design over the summer was a rainbow manicure with each fingernail painted a different color of polish – something that was easy for many to do. Another popular design put a modern twist on a french tip but instead of white polish on the tips of your nails, different designs are created at the tips such as flames or different colors of polish. 

When the school year began in September 2020, I noticed quite a few students sport intricate nail designs. Two nail design aficionados, Isabella Cruz ‘23 and Sofia Eljaiek ‘23, shared just why they enjoy this art form. 

Isa wrote, “I get to use my creativity to decide what I want to do with my nails. It allows me to explore my artistic side in a unique way while also giving me something to look forward to!” Sofi wrote, “ I enjoy nail art because it’s a way of expressing myself in a different way besides the way I dress and style my hair.”

During quarantine, both Isa and Sofi’s favorite nail salons were closed and now even with re-openings, the girls are nervous to return. “I used to get my nails done every 4 weeks with my best friend. We soon became very close with our nail lady and the three of us were all really good friends. Getting our nails done became more of a social experience,” wrote Isa. Sofi wrote, “COVID has affected the way I do my nails because I’m sometimes scared to go to a salon so I use fake press-on nails.” 

Many girls wonder how one comes up with different designs for their nails. Isa wrote that nail art “allows me to explore my artistic side in a unique way while also giving me something to look forward to!” On the other hand, Sofi’s nail designs “depend on the way I am  feeling, the season, and sometimes what vacation I might be going on.” 

For teens in the twenty-first century, nail art is a fun way of expressing your style, mood, or artistic talent! Do not be afraid to be creative as you could inspire others. 


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Daniella Milton
Daniella Milton, Editor in Chief
Daniella Milton is a senior at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart. This will be her fourth year on The Beat news staff. She is the creator of Dani's Diaries, a column focusing on twenty-first-century teen culture and Carrollton’s performing arts. She is also the president of the International Quill and Scroll Honors Society and Senior Editor for the Carrollton Yearbook, Yggdrasill.