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Martina Santos 26 (left) hosts Nieves Gomez as an exchange student from Madrid.
Meet Nieves Gomez
May 27, 2024

Honoring Mrs. Carvajal


“Mrs. Carvajal was a brilliant teacher who supported her students through and through. The gentleness with which she guided us to achieve our goals is truly unforgettable” – Ariana Arvanitis’ 20


On Thursday, February 25, the Carrollton community participated in a memorial Mass said by Fr. Vallee for our beloved teacher and colleague, Mrs. Carvajal. In 2015 she joined Carrollton as an Upper School math teacher and went above and beyond to educate her students – keeping them engaged and eager to learn. Students, faculty, and staff will always remember the light, joy, and happiness that followed Mrs. Carvajal and are grateful for her time with us. 

Mr. Kalkus wrote, “[Mrs. Carvajal] graced so many of us with her tender smile” and is “a true Sacred Heart educator.” As a community united in faith, we will continue to remember and pray for Mrs. Carvajal, her husband, sons, family, friends and colleagues who supported her throughout her battle against COVID-19.

The Carrollton community has faced several losses due to COVID-19, and during these hard times, we must not lose sight of our faith.  In Matthew 18:20 God reveals that, “where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” 


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