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    Barbie: a revolutionary remake


    Barbie Crocs. Barbie Vans. A Barbie XBox. And even a real Barbie Dreamhouse Airbnb.With Barbie fever everywhere you look, it should come as no surprise the movie itself was a box office hit this summer, generating 1.03 billion dollars within the first three weeks. The big reason behind the success? Marketing.

    Across all social media platforms, people have been promoting all things Barbie. “Barbie’s” genius marketing team targeted everything from collaborations with clothing brands to music with famous artists.

    And as the movie’s popularity grew, so did people’s reactions and thoughts on it. The message behind “Barbie” is the empowerment of women. The movie uses many references and clever jokes to make you crack a smile while tackling real world struggles women face.

    For example, towards the end of the movie, Barbie is sitting at a bus stop and sees an older lady sitting by herself. Barbie smiles and tells her that she is beautiful, and the lady replies,“I know it!” This simple but meaningful scene makes a statement about common beauty standards and celebrates women of all ages for their inner beauty and power.

    Like many viewers, Carrollton students resonated with this deeper message. “I really liked the Barbie movie because I liked the message behind it,” said Carlota Giampetruzzi ‘27. “I also really liked the main character, Barbie, because she was relatable. The movie was also very creative and was the first of its kind.”

    The originality of “Barbie” appeals to many and has potentially paved the way for relatable remakes of other important cultural icons to make them new, impactful, and important.

    However, although most reviews for “Barbie” have been positive, there has been some backlash. The first issue that was widely expressed was the fact that the Barbies, who, in the movie represented females in general, acted very clueless and were easily taken advantage of. This part of the movie created controversy because of the almost degrading stereotype of women.

    Despite the criticism, the movie is truly a work of art. It is hopefully not the last time Director Greta Gerwig and Screenwriter Noah Baumbach collaborate on a project. Both very talented creators are known worldwide for their remarkable work, and “Barbie” is a testament to their creativity. It is even a contender for many Oscar categories.

    In the end, one thing’s for certain–even with some mixed reviews, “Barbie” opens a door to a new genre of movies and will be influential for many years to come.

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    • M

      Mr. AlkonNov 11, 2023 at 11:41 am

      Thank you for this review, Julia — I have not seen “Barbie,” but your excellent account of its message and impact reminds me that I really need to see this movie soon!

    • A

      AnitaNov 2, 2023 at 2:13 pm

      Proud of you Julia