Carrollton’s Upper School Father’s Day: a musical morning

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person–he believed in me.” – Jim Valvano


Elly Molina '23

Students learn to play drums with their fathers.

Elly Molina, Editor in Chief

The Carrollton Upper School community celebrated Father’s Day by spending the morning embracing their individual and remarkable father-daughter bonds. Students enjoyed a beautiful breakfast on the piazza overlooking Carrollton’s lovely campus and shared their second home with their fathers. After a delicious breakfast, students accompanied their fathers to the Convocation Center, where they played with drums and other musical instruments, creating not only the sounds of music but spreading the powerful feeling of love amongst the whole room.  Carrollton provided students with the opportunity to engage in a meaningful morning with their fathers and take a moment to break free from the stress of work and studies. 

This event was especially memorable for seniors as this would be their final Father’s Day at Carrollton. Chloe Kujawa, ‘23, found the experience meaningful. She said she and her classmates were trying to “soak in every moment we have as seniors and share where we have grown up for many years.”

Events like these reminded students that their parents are the foundation of who they are. With dads by their side, students can feel supported and comforted amidst the stress of high school. 

Even after their fathers left campus, the Upper School continued their day feeling strongly about how loved and supported they were. Students reflected on the laughter and joy they experienced as they acted as tour guides to their fathers and assisted them in their musical activity.

The Upper School did a fantastic job of highlighting the fathers who have contributed to their daughters’ success as both students and sisters of the Sacred Heart. They have helped teach them to be persistent, dedicated, and courageous.