Black Student Union holds a cookout for charity


Lillian Figueroa '26

Angelina Byrd ’25 and Layla Smith ’26 show a positive attitude as they help with the event.

Lillian Figueroa, Staff Writer

Victoria Rodriguez ’26 and Eva Castaneda ’26 enjoy the cookout. (Lillian Figueroa ’26)
Sharella Lee ’26 serves food at the cookout. (Lillian Figueroa ’26)


Music was pumping and the energy kept growing higher at the Black Student Union cookout. On Friday, February 10, BSU held a fundraiser for their charity of choice and to raise money for next year. They made $884, a smashing success and a great follow-up to last year’s cookout as well.

The food looked and smelled delicious. Members of BSU provided macaroni and cheese, ribs, chicken wings, cornbread, fried chicken, and, of course, a full dessert table with cookies, brownies, and all the sweet things you could think of. Everyone smiled, even the members of BSU who stood under the hot sun serving lunch.

“It’s delicious. I love the food, the meat is incredible, and it’s going to help me have enough energy to get through track,” said Julie Hernandez ‘26.

Students and teachers waited in line, despite the heat, knowing that delicious food was on its way. “Worth the line!” said Victoria Rodriguez ‘26.

The event truly brought out the best in the Carrollton community–the spirit of unity as people came together for a great cause. There was not a bad word to be spoken about the event, and everyone is excited for future activities planned by BSU.