On our feet at the 2023 dance recital


Aitana Bailon '26

Seniors Valentina Gomez, Sofia Eljaiek, Emilia Espinosa, and Amanda Elgarresta hug after their dance, “Hold my Hand.”

Aitana Bailon, Staff Writer

The Upper School dance recital left me dancing in my seat for one song and tearing up for the next. And I wasn’t the only one who felt impressed. “The dancers, I’m so proud of them because they have such a hard work ethic and it’s nearly impossible to do what they do, yet they still pull it off,” said Lyla Rufeh ‘26.

If you thought the dancers seemed elated, it’s because they were excited to put on a show for their peers and families.

The recital started strong with a beautiful performance called “Something in the Water.” This piece revealed the Carrollton Dance Team in a gradient of beautiful blue dresses and a surprising quick change that left me stunned and impressed. The Advanced Dance Class then did a medley of Elvis songs, adopting his iconic gestures and dance moves into their routine.

After a beautiful video that showed the growth of the senior dancers throughout their lives, the four seniors moved us with an emotional performance entitled, “Hold my Hand.” The first act ended with an incredible show put on by Lili Veziroglu ‘26. Veziroglu did multiple jaw dropping acrobatics to “I will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor.

The second half of the show started with the Carrollton Dance Team taking the stage with a vivid and electrifying tribute to an iconic 305 native, aka Pitbull.Then the Advanced Dance Class performed a dance called “After the Storm.” The dancers illustrated the beauty of pain with their flawless spins and dances, never ceasing to express the rawest of emotions.

Senior Valentina Gomez spun effortlessly while the audience cheered her name. Her solo “You’re the Best Thing” excited the audience, as she impeccably interpreted every move. One performance that stole the show was Sofia Eljaiek ‘23’s “Sparkling Diamonds” dance. Eljaiek gracefully performed a version of “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” mixed with “Material Girl.” 

Then Emilia Espinosa ‘23 danced a solo to “My Way by Frank Sinatra.” According to Espinosa, this was not her first time performing a Frank Sinatra song and the solo was a tribute to her dear teacher, Christina Sasloglou.

To finalize this year’s Upper School dance recital, the Carrollton Dance Team performed an upbeat performance entitled “Mountain High.” These girls didn’t falter a single time and danced through this piece with such energy that it made me want to get up and dance with them. They were all perfectly synchronized, and reminded me of the Rockettes. As they finished their dance, the crowd erupted with applause. 

Carrollton’s Dance Teacher, Christina Sasloglou, made sure to put on an incredible show for both the audience, faculty, and dancers. A teacher characterized by her kind, compassionate, and caring attitude, Ms.Sasloglou has impacted the lives of so many dancers in her short time working at Carrollton. She has made young girls fall in love with the art of dance and find the musicality within themselves.

Before going home, the seniors each thanked her individually. “Thank you for not only being the best teacher, but also the best advice giver, inspiration, and friend I could ever ask for,” said Sofia Eljaiek ‘23. 

Amanda Elgarresta ‘23 also thanked Sasloglou for influencing her as a person, not just as a dance instructor. “You have changed the life of every girl on this team. You have taught me to love myself for everything I am, and I will never forget the impact you had on me,” she said. 

Giving her teacher a hug, Emilia Espinosa ‘23 emphasized that Sasloglou loves them for who they are and has helped them grow. “The way you connect with every person you meet is so admirable and you make every dancer feel beautiful, accepting our limits and using them to highlight our strengths,” said Esponosa. 

I enjoyed this performance and I congratulate Ms. Sasloglou and the dancers on a well done show.