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May 27, 2024

Could a simple quiz determine your career?


We’ve all taken a quiz that tells us what dog breed we would be based on our music taste, or what superhero we would be best friends with, but no one really talks about the quizzes that can apparently determine our future career. 

Many highschool students, including myself, have absolutely no idea what they want to do when they grow up. They simply enjoy a little bit of everything or have a passion that they don’t know how to turn into a career. Luckily, we have the internet to help us! Specifically, online quizzes that claim to know us better than ourselves. By answering a few profound questions, you are given a variety of career options that should fit your personality type. Thing is, 99% of the time, they don’t. 

For example, my class was required to take this simple quiz that showed us our personality type and what career paths we should take based on that type. Apparently, I should go into plumbing because I’m an ISTJ (introverted, observant, thinking, and judging). Who knows, maybe I’ll discover I have a deep and passionate undiscovered love for the art of plumbing. Reality is, these quizzes are almost completely redundant. Many students don’t like the idea of a label being placed on them for a potential career, and most students just don’t find an appealing job on this website. Even though this quiz didn’t help me at all, I did discover that I was made for inspecting airplanes or being a farmer. Sure, it can tell you your personality type, but a few clicks of a button can’t tell you your passions. 

I admit, these quizzes are fun to take out of curiosity, but they shouldn’t be taken seriously. Although finding a career that you find interesting and are passionate about is complicated, I believe that when you discover your future career on your own, you end up being more dedicated to it. Why? Because you discovered it and no one helped you. That means that the interests of your heart and the knowledge in your mind came together to drive you to your dream career. 

Now, when that discovery happens is different for everyone. Some people have had the same passion since they were just a kid, and some people change their majors in college because they can’t decide what career they want, and both are ok. Don’t give yourself a time frame. Don’t apply extra pressure on yourself because your friends know what they want to pursue and you don’t. Everyone is on a journey, and everyone embarks on different paths in life. Whether you’re 11 or 20, you will find your place in the world, you will find your dream career, and you will pursue it. 

Another common concern among teenagers is that what they might be most passionate about is impractical and may not make money. Trust me, as an equestrian who wants to pursue that as a career, I understand you. Every type of career has a ladder, and if you’re passionate enough, you will climb that ladder with ease. The higher you climb, the less you’ll have to worry about money, and on top of that, you’ll be doing what you love. 

If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this article, it’s that you are on the right track just the way you are. Don’t cave into the unattainable societal standards because you will be successful. Also, don’t worry about what an online quiz has to say about you. Everyone has a different story, everyone has a different journey, and that’s ok. Don’t give up on your passion because you’re scared of the hardships you will face. Any career path you choose, whether you’re passionate about it or not, will have its challenges, so you might as well face them head on while you’re en route to a career you love. 

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Miranda de Legorburu
Miranda de Legorburu, Social Media Manager
Miranda de Legorburu is the Social Media Manager for The Beat! She is a junior and this is her third year writing for the newspaper. She is a graduate from Culver Military Academy’s Summer program, where she was also a writer for their newspaper, The Vedette. Alongside writing, Miranda is a Student Ambassador, plays the piano, and is a competitive equestrian show jumper.