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Happy Valentines Day!
Happy Valentine's Day!
February 14, 2024
Super Bowl LVIII
Super Bowl LVIII
February 9, 2024

Staying active at school this year



Over the course of this past year, children have been safe at home, but unable to participate in many school activities, social events and sports. Although the quarantine and safety protocols protected against the virus, it affected the mental and physical health of many.

Even with schools open, most operate using a cohort model in which students stay within a group throughout the school day and rarely change classrooms. Even walking between classes or classrooms is activity and that has been severely reduced. 

“Staying active is an essential part of everyday health. As the students do not move around from classroom to classroom as in years past, PE is an outlet to get them outside the classroom,” wrote Coach Grace Horwitz, Montessori and Intermediate School physical education teacher.

Covid restrictions changed how physical education classes were conducted this year. The focus was on activities that emphasized strength building and conditioning. Also games of low organization focused on rhythmic movements, locomotor activities, spatial awareness, and aerobic endurance was the focus. The beautiful outdoor spaces at Carrollton provided the perfect environment for these kinds of activities.

But other traditional school activities were greatly curtailed during this school year, as well. It has only been since the early spring when we began returning to some normalcy. Earlier in the year, there were concerns that Conge would have to be cancelled. However, with the great idea to spread the event over two days and the seniors’ great execution of the plan, the entire school community got to enjoy their Conge after all. 

Although we will still be in masks and maintaining a safe distance from each other, Prize Days and Graduations will be taking place this year to the relief of all. “We are now gradually ending the school year with activities and celebrations once again that were put on hold since March 2020. The children’s joy can be seen, heard, and felt throughout the school,” wrote Regina Canto Montessori, Primary & Intermediate School counselor.

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