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May 27, 2024

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream


, Gabriella Cannavo ‘24 and Chloe Kujawa ‘23

Responding to a survey sent out to the Upper School, 66% of students wrote ice cream is their favorite comfort food. So, if you were one of those, then this story is for you!  

Things are definitely getting back to normal. Pre-pandemic Coconut Grove was home to two ice cream shops, Bianco’s Gelato and Vicky’s House – specializing in shakes, and despite the pandemic, Morelia’s Gourmet Paletas and Chillin’ Nitrogen Ice Cream opened in the fall.  On March 11, Salt & Straw opened in the newly renovated CocoWalk. 

Bianco Gelato opened in 2013 and serves organic, top-quality gelato. This small ice cream shop is hidden away in the heart of Coconut Grove. Their light airy store, good service, and delicious gelato provides an amazing experience for customers. Hector, a Bianco employee said, “It’s the only gelateria where everything is organic, we have vegan options, gluten free options. So our speciality is that everyone can eat our gelato. I’d say it’s very healthy for everyone and it’s good for any family because everyone can eat – which is the main goal for Bianco.”

Vicky’s House, a 12-seat milkshake bar, tasting room and craft beer store, is located on Commodore Plaza. This cozy, vintage style bar was designed by the owner, Matt Kusher, who borrowed design elements from his mother’s 1986 home including chandeliers, cabinets, wallpaper and he even put his old bedroom dresser in the bathroom. 

Morelia’s Gourmet Paletas was founded by Alex Kassab and Gilbert Arismendi. It all began when they lived in Brazil where they had the opportunity to try their first Mexican paleta. After this, Kassab and Arismendi spent each weekend searching for the best paletas. A paleta is a popsicle, and a Mexican paleta is a larger version. The co-founders of Morelia’s created a lab in their apartments experimenting and creating different types of paletas. They opened their first paleta shop in October 2016 in Coral Gables on Miracle Mile and now have multiple locations including one in Coconut Grove. 

Chillin’ Nitrogen Ice Cream, founded in 2011, was created by Danny Golik and there are several locations throughout South Florida including Coconut Grove. Because the ice cream isn’t made ahead of time, customers are able to select their own ingredients from the dozens offered, then nitrogen is used to flash freeze their selection turning it into a smooth custom flavor. 

With Carrollton being so close to the Grove, it’s no surprise that community members frequent these ice cream shops. Lillian Lamb ‘33 said “My favorite flavor at Chill’n is vanilla and chocolate,”  and, “I like ice cream because it’s sweet and cold on hot days.”


Salt & Straw is a modern ice cream shop with a traditional twist. Salt & Straw uses locally sourced products to make their ice cream and partners with local brands including Panther Coffee, The Salty Donut and Little Havana’s Exquisito Chocolates.  Since its opening on CocoWalk in early spring 2021, Salt & Straw has grown in popularity with lines wrapping around the block. The name Salt and Straw comes from the fact that before ice cream machines, ice cream was made with rock salt so it would freeze, and to help keep it cold, it would be packed in straw.

“Salt and Straw is known for having extravagant flavors, like we have a biscuit flavor and a bacon flavor with pickles, which is really weird but people come and get it…Our most popular flavors are the cookie dough and the chocolate gooey brownie. These flavors sell out like crazy. The extravagant flavors, the hospitality, just everything all around make Salt and Straw different from other places,” said store employee Sofi.
Carrollton Alumna, Janet Balzebrah ‘73 said, “The smell lured me in and the reviews have been amazing.” 



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