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On September 10, tryouts began for the 2020 fall athletic season. But with the COVID-19 safety measures, it’s hard to say how the season will shape up. 

“I am glad we can safely provide an environment for these girls to compete and have some sense of a ‘normal’ year. These athletes love to play, love their teammates and are proud to represent their school, so I am happy we have found a way for them to have that experience this year,” writes Ms. Garcia, Assistant Athletic Director and Athletic Trainer. 

On March 13 Carrollton shut its doors putting an abrupt end to the 2019-2020 athletic season. With so much uncertainty over the summer, it has been difficult planning this fall season. But on September 10, the junior varsity and varsity volleyball teams had their first day of tryouts and began their season with a bang on Monday, September 21 winning against Florida Christian.

Things are a lot different this year, with numerous safety precautions in place. For example, volleyball team members must wear masks at all times during practices and games, sanitize their hands during each water break, and the volleyballs are sanitized frequently. All games are live streamed, but senior athletes may invite two guests to each game. 

Golf is naturally safe because it is played outdoors, equipment isn’t shared and the players play at a distance. Safety protocols at each site are strictly followed. Like golf, cross country benefits from being an outdoor sport however, because runners are together at the starting line and sometimes well into the race, everyone must follow proper safety precautions. As for swimming and diving, limiting the number of athletes in the pool is key. Athletes have been split up into two groups for dry practice time, dry land conditioning, and swim training, all while following social distancing guidelines.   

“Luckily, our staff has really rallied together to keep the community as safe and healthy as possible, so it has been all hands on deck when it comes to overcoming the challenges brought on by the virus.” writes Ms. Garcia.

Seasons were shortened – starting a month later than usual, and some schools opted out of the fall athletic season altogether due to a month holdback for all fall sports. For the safety of athletes and staff, each school and venue has their own guidelines which are strictly enforced. 

Viola Lake ‘23 writes, “I’m thrilled that the volleyball season was able to begin during COVID-19. We are taking the necessary precautions to stay safe while playing and keeping other schools safe. We are so lucky to have a season this year, even though it’s short we are making the most out of it. The athletic department has guided us the whole way and shown how much they care about their athletes. I am overall grateful to be back and be playing the sport I love, while staying safe.”

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