The Rush for Lush and Saving the Environment

The Rush for Lush and Saving the Environment

Valentina Perricone

A survey revealed that 0% of Upper School students solely buy Lush because they have environmentally friendly products, however, 43.3% of students buy these products because they like the product, and they are safe for the environment. Lush is committed to environmental stewardship and the innovation of products that do not hurt the planet as much as other products. 

Non-plastic packaging, sustainable sources, and environmentally conscious choices regarding shipping are some of the ways Lush eliminates the use of harmful materials and the release of greenhouse gasses. Bath bombs, bubble bars, shampoo bars, and other products have been made without the need for packaging. Lush focuses on the ingredients, rather than the packaging which usually includes the use of plastic that is harmful to the planet.

Lush invests in raw materials that come from suppliers who share the company’s commitment to sustainability. Lush is a cruelty-free company, meaning they enforce a strict anti-animal testing policy. They only work with suppliers who meet their environmental standards for materials, production, packaging, and shipping. Suppliers who fail to meet Lush’s environmental standards are eliminated. Lush is an international company doing business in 46 countries. The company is committed to the lowest carbon footprint possible, so ground shipping is the default. However, sometimes air travel and shipments are necessary. For every mile an airplane travels, fifty-three pounds of carbon dioxide is released, so Lush pays into carbon offset credits.

The survey also showed that 37.3% of students did not know that Lush Cosmetics is eco-friendly. In an interview with ninth-grader Marissa Rodriguez, she said, “I buy Lush cosmetics because it smells really good and the smell of the store draws me in. The fact that it is eco-friendly also intrigues me.” Lush answers their moral obligation to take care of the earth.