No need for an S.O.S.


Madison Forrest

The Jonas Brothers is no longer a thing of the past. After 6 years reminiscing on the songs we grew up listening to, we can now hear the band live in concert. Fans are ¨speechless, over the edge, [they’re] just breathless, [they] never thought that [they’d] catch this [opportunity] again.” After therapy, different career opportunities, and starting families, the Jonas Brothers announced their comeback on February 28th, 2019. They have aged as have their fans who now are loving their debut song “Sucker.” The Jonas Brothers integrated elements of their present with their past through their music video, which now has over 79 million views.

The Jonas Brothers joined James Corden on the Late Late Show for 4 days, which is a lot but after 6 years of not being together, fans are still “burning up” with excitement for what’s coming. While on the Late Late Show, they did a Carpool Karaoke and sang some of their classics. On this long-awaited car ride, Nick Jonas talks about how they wanted to create a documentary on their life from childhood to adulthood and were reminded of the “magic” they felt together and longed for it.

Many high school students agree that “Sucker” is a good song, no matter whether they like the Jonas Brothers or not. (For their “protection”, these students shall remain anonymous.) Some Jonas Brothers fans were passionate, “I feel very excited knowing that….. they will get back together,” and, “Their new song is amazing and I’ve been waiting for them since kindergarten,” and, “best thing since sliced bread and they actually bring light to my day. They have brought peace and love back into a world that was empty without them.”

Through the Jonas Brothers’ reunion, their bond as brothers has strengthened, and their music careers have matured. On a radio interview, Joe Jonas said the band has, “30, 40 songs recorded that we can’t wait to release. I think in the next few months, we’re probably going to hear more.” It’s just a matter of waiting now.

The Jonas Brothers are going on tour this summer and will be performing in Miami at the American Airlines Arena on August 7.