Into the Everglades: bugs, gators, venomous snakes


Alexa Bravo

and Gabriela Paredes ‘21 

Ten brave Carrollton students took on the challenge of a five-day course in Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands.

This past February, students participated in Carrollton’s first course with Outward Bound. Their website reads, “Outward Bound’s mission is to change lives through challenge and discovery” so that through this unique experience, students can grow in the four pillars of Outward Bound: self-reliance, craftsmanship, physical fitness and above all compassion.

Freshman, sophomores and juniors overcame many challenges along the way through teamwork and patience. It was extremely hot, physically exhausting, and difficult to navigate in such a harsh environment. The team had to be constantly aware of snakes, alligators, poisonous plants and biting insects.

Each day consisted of at least five to eight hours of paddling. On the first night, the team slept on the water in a makeshift camp consisting of wood planks supported by the canoes. The next two nights, tents were set up on beaches. Students were assigned different jobs on a rotation basis including cooking, cleaning, and navigating. On the final day, students navigated the route to base camp using just a map and a compass without the guidance of the instructors. Safely reaching base camp, their final destination, the team reflected on their journey, all that they learned and the memories they made.