students build their futures in the MakerSpace


Sabrina Menendez

, Carolina Pino ‘21 and Isabella Villa ‘21

Unlike most other all-girl schools, Carrollton created a state-of-the-art MakerSpace empowering community members to explore, design, and build.

A founding sister of the Society of the Sacred Heart, Janet Erskine Stuart, said, “We ought not to do things for the children which they ought to learn to do for themselves. We want to make them independent of us.”

Established in January 2017, the Philippine Makerspace lives up to this. Stephanie St. Louis ‘04, a MakerSpace intern said, “It gives girls a whole new way to learn. In a traditional classroom you’re not using the same skills you would use when you’re actually, physically making something.”

Sixth-grade students, for example, recently assembled bikes as part of their science curriculum, and Carrollton’s award-winning solar car team also uses the workspace. Equipment includes a MIG welder, Glowforge and Epilog laser cutters, 3D printers, DJI Drones (Mavic & Phantom 4 Pro), a vacuum former, woodworking tools, and soldering equipment. Mr. Cassell, Director of Education said, “the space itself is an ongoing project; new furniture, equipment, and floor designs are being designed by faculty and students for the interior and exterior workspaces.”

By providing a space for independent creation, the MakerSpace supports the mission of Sacred Heart education.