“We are TECHO”

Sabrina Bargueiras

Photos and video by Isa Bruna ’20

TECHO, a non-profit organization, offers support to families living in the slums of Latin America by improving their quality of life. A group of Carrollton TECHO club members with officers Sophia Jaguan ‘20 and Cristina Jugo ‘20 went to Cartagena, Colombia to help the local community TECHO “mobilizes youth, empowers families, and builds communities across Latin America”.  In Spanish, the word “techo” means roof, and this exactly what the organization provides for underprivileged families: housing.

On the four day trip from March 15 to 18, students worked in the intense heat from sunrise to sunset constructing houses in Isla de Leon, a sector of Cartagena. By the end of the trip, the students were joyful about their accomplishments, created individual friendships, and made an impact on the lives of many families living in impoverished areas. With the help of TECHO adult team members, four houses were built. The volunteers dug holes into the dirt to place in wooden logs for support, hammered in the elevated floor beams, put up the painted pink walls, laid down the roof, and placed the windows and front door.

Isa Sanchez ‘20 has previously volunteered on several mission trips over summers and was eager to travel to Colombia and serve as part of TECHO. “If not for TECHO, I would never have even imagined myself going to Cartagena, Colombia. It was an eye-opening trip that allowed me to experience a new culture, build relationships with my peers who traveled with me, and the families I met in Colombia. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have gone on this trip and cannot wait to return next year!” Sanchez said.

On this year’s TECHO mission trip, students were also blessed to foster multiple relationships with the children in the community. Afternoons were spent painting and constructing facilities with the children, which made students realize they were not only building houses, but also homes. The destitution of the local community is inspiring many Carrollton students to return to offer further help in the future.

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