Community Service makes a splash

Community Service makes a splash

Isa Romero

The Sabrina Cohen Foundation has been making an appearance in Miami, and more recently, at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart. The foundation provides a unique service to the city – serving the disabled community of Miami. Disabled individuals, veterans, children with special needs, and the elderly can experience Miami in the same way able individuals do. Access to the beach and outdoors is a privilege often taken for granted by the able community, as the disabled community constantly struggles to navigate the inaccessibility of Miami. The foundation provides special-needs individuals with the advantages of living in South Florida – access to the beach and outdoor recreation.

The Sabrina Cohen Foundation “Adaptive Beach Days” program began in 2016 and continues to welcome hundreds of participants and volunteers every first and third Sunday of the month. This project provides access to the beach through a platform of beach decks, specialized beach wheelchairs, and trained staff and volunteers. Activities offered include ocean access, aqua therapy, adaptive water sports and surf, art therapy, as well as chair yoga and meditation.

Sabrina Cohen, the president and founder of the foundation, is proud of the progress her organization has made to make the beach more inclusive. “We are well on our way to raising funds for the adaptive recreation center, the first of a kind facility in the nation to help people with disabilities access the beach and better fitness programs year-round,” Cohen said.  

Most recently, the Sabrina Cohen Foundation Club was created at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart offering one-of-a-kind volunteer opportunities to Carrollton students, as well as holding fundraisers to benefit the foundation. Students from the SCF club attended the Second Annual Adaptive Beach Gala, which was “an opportunity to celebrate, raise money, and continue to educate the community about the cause.”


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