Feast of Mater Admirabilis


Elisa Baptista

The fresco of the Virgin Mary, Mater Admirabilis, by Pauline Perdrau was painted in 1844. No matter what Sacred Heart School you attend or visit, Mater is not only the central image but also our mother that connects us all. “She is like a mother figure to me. I feel like I have been looking up to her since the day I was born” said Mia Rodriguez ‘21. On October 20th in honor of our Lady, Mater Admirabilis, students wear pink and attend an all-school liturgy. At Carrollton, there is at least one painting or statue of Mater on each campus. On the Barat Campus, in the Loggia, the painting of Mater is particularly special because the backdrop is of our bay. The fresco paintings remind us every day  To Ms. de Armas, the Campus Ministry Director, “ She is the greatest model of trust in God and of courage to accept God’s will above her own.”