New Honor Society Spearheads Mental Health Education


Isa Romero

The 2019-2020 school year marked the beginning of the Psychology Honors Society, the newest honor society introduced to the Upper School. The primary goal of this honor society is to expand knowledge on the subject of psychology within members of the society and throughout the Upper School.

The Psychology Honor Society’s intention to encourage a greater understanding of the subject of psychology, specifically concerning the mind, brain, well-being, and human behavior, will be imparted to the upper school community through presentations at assemblies and hands-on activities, including mindfulness-based meditation, mental health awareness, and the Parent Educational Series. 

These activities will encourage positive mental health and emotion regulation while inspiring methods of personal problem solving, communication, and character development amongst students. Led by Mrs. Vigoa and 17 upper school students, the Psychology Honor Society aims to bring a greater awareness of psychology, in which students can promote diligence as inspired by the leaders of the honor society