Hello to Congress 2020


Carolina Pino

After two days of campaigning and a morning of riveting speeches, elections were conducted electronically, and the officers for the 2019-2020 Congress were decided as follows: President Alyssa Navarro ’20, Vice President Paola Camara ’20, Secretary Daniela Zurburan ’20, and Club Coordinator Kayla Ventura ’20.

About her upcoming tenure, Congress President, Alyssa says, “I want to help. I just want the whole high school to be really united.”

From left to right: Secretary Daniela Zurburan, President Alyssa Navarro, Club Coordinator Kayla Ventura. (Vice President Paola Camara not pictured)

The campaign process involved two days of sharing posters and stickers, along with social media posts and shoutouts. However, candidates were prohibited from passing out food or other goodies, unlike in previous years. According to Mrs. Fernandez, Upper School Dean of Students, voters included faculty, outgoing seniors, incoming freshmen, and the rest of the Upper School student body.

Alyssa continues, “I plan on staying really close with all the representatives of all the grades. Then, when it comes to making … bigger decisions[,] I’d want to send out … Google Forms … so I get everybody’s input.”

As the community looks forward to summer break, we can have confidence that the upcoming school year has a great leadership team in place.

The 2018-2019 Congress had their last official picture taken of the year and we thank them for their service.