The Memory Journal: a journey of social networking and marketing


Isabela James

and Alexandra Von Der Goltz ‘20

You are scrolling through your Instagram Explore Page and stumble upon the account, “The Memory Journal.” Over 100 Carrollton students follow it, so you ask yourself, what it could be?

We are Isa James and Alex von der Goltz; two juniors at Carrollton. A year ago we decided that we wanted to work together on a creative project that would not only be a fun hobby but would also combine our Computer Science knowledge with our love for sharing with like-minded individuals.

To begin our journey, we created an Instagram account called @thememoryjournal. We had the idea to post lifestyle content— like travel pictures, skincare products, recipes, reviews of local restaurants, organization tips, motivational quotes, and more. In the beginning, it was challenging for us both to grow our platform. However, we accepted the challenge and began to network and engage in promotional campaigns.

Julia Marrero, a family member of Isa’s, helped us to further expand our follower base by promoting our content on her account. We both soon discovered the importance of using hashtags- a discovery that greatly boosted our follower count. Before long, other brands began to appreciate our promotions for their content and reposted our Instagram posts and stories. Swell Water Bottle, for example, posted a picture that we both took at the beach, The Wet Brush reposted one of our stories and followed us, and Elta MD Care posted about our account on their story.

The Memory Journal has provided us the opportunity to work with brands like Vita Liberata. “Vita Liberata” is an organic, cruelty-free, and non-toxic self-tanning brand. I (Isa) was invited to attend their event in Miami at the Miami Beach Edition hotel on behalf of our account. I was able to interact with the managers of the brand and promote the brand on our Instagram stories. My participation in this event allowed me to market their brand to our audience, composed primarily of teenagers. Recently, self-tanning has faced an upsurge of popularity due to the fact that beauty standards have evolved to promote tanner appearances.

Growing a platform on Instagram has allowed us to promote important social and environmental causes as well, such as gun violence prevention and the reduction of plastic in our ecosystems. Our message to our followers is about living every moment to the fullest and spending time with those we love.

Over this past summer, we decided to create an online blog. For four years, we have been taking Computer Science courses and were able to implement skills we have learned into building and designing a website. It took about two weeks before the website was complete. We published several articles on the blog, and still have it up and running.


Both of us have been able to implement marketing and advertising strategies taught to us by family and work experience. With this knowledge, we were able to gain more followers, network with other influencers, and market our account and website.

The Memory Journal has served both as a creative outlet and hobby for us, allowing us to experience what it’s like to be a social media influencer. We hope to continue working on our Instagram page and blog, and eventually reach 1,000 followers on our account.



Instagram: @thememoryjournal